What We Do

EGL works directly with content creators, pro gamers and gaming organizations to provide them with the opportunity to showcase their own apparel brand for others to enjoy. Electronic Gamers’ League is committed to excellence and strives to provide products of exceptional quality in order to meet our precise expectations and deliver a satisfactory experience for each and every customer.

Product Design and Development

We work closely with our clients, giving them complete creative control over bringing their unique brand to life. From the initial product concept to the art creation and final execution, we're with our clients every step of the way. Our goal is to create merchandise that reflects the creative vision of the brand owner as well as a product that supporters can be proud to own, wear, collect, or hang on their walls.

One-Stop Shopping

We believe it's important that supporters can get everything related to their favorite brand(s) all in one place. Whether you're looking for apparel, accessories or sponsor products and affiliate gear, our customized online storefronts make it easy for each individual to browse and purchase all their favorite items from all their favorite brands.

Order Fulfillment and Customer Service

Our inventory management and global order fulfillment process allows us to ship orders out daily to customers all over the world. We are constantly improving our worldwide services and delivery times and offer timely customer support to anyone in need – domestically or internationally. We appreciate our customers greatly, which means we always try our hardest to make sure each individual feels both connected and satisfied. We're video game enthusiasts ourselves, so we pride ourselves on treating our customers how we'd like to be treated.

Events and Conventions

We're constantly working on exclusive promotional items and offers to support special events, gaming conventions, and marketing initiatives. We love to show our personal support with these services whether we're staffing booths on the event sites or supporting our clients from a remote location. Electronic Gamers' League is passionate about getting involved and engaging with supporters, and we are always proud to support the brands we work with.

Our Promise

At EGL, we produce each and every item in house using high quality materials in order to meet our precise expectations. If a product does not meet these expectations, it will not leave our facility.

We would love to begin building a relationship with you! If you are interested in developing a brand store and are competing in the pro circuit of any eSport, feel free to email us at info@electronicgamersleague.com. Acceptance into a partnership agreement is not guaranteed even if these minimum requirements are met, however you will be notified regardless of whether you do or do not qualify for a brand store through EGL.